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90% of the gloves out there are as you say, "a pain in my forearm muscles". It's hard to find gloves that don't require an effort to bend the fingers and are thin enough to not bunch up under your fingers. They must also have a wrist strap to keep the gloves from being pulled off.

However, when you find the right ones, the extra friction/grip of the glove material reduces the forearm fatigue as compared to bare hands. Murry Marine used to make a thin glove that I used for 15 years, then no more production. I tried Hobie gloves for a while but they only worked fine after several days of break in. Now I love the West marine gloves.

Last week, a buddy of mine stopped by to borrow some duct tape for his blistered hands. Our first windy day of the summer/fall season and his hands were toast.

I am not trying to sell anyone anything, just relating my thoughts on the subject. Make your own decisions.
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