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Todd Hume
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I bought a pair of Dakine gloves just before heading off on a windsurfing trip i did last year in case i killed my hands. I never needed them and so they've never been used. Fully worked my hands over in the last couple of days so i'll give em a try.

So here are a couple of tricks i've heard on the beach:

Dishwashing gloves and duct tape - some random fella reckons that if you waste your hands get a pair of dishwashing gloves cut off the fingers and tape them on with a strip of duct tape around the wrist. He reckons that they provide plenty of protection to raw flesh and are still plenty grippy...

Superglue - A mate who did his time competing around the world in the 80's and 90's reckons that hospital grade superglue was the perfect thing for emergencies. Just glue the flap down or the cut shut and away you go... Apparently the body can heal through the bond...
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