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Default Chooosing board help

I have been a windsurfing athlete in techno 293 for 5-6 years and now I would like to buy my first "fun" board. I can water-start, jibe, jump and the rest. I am about 82 kg (164 lbs) and i will be sailing in a wide wind range (16-30 knts) with chop up to 80 cm in normal conditions. However there might be some days (not very often) with waves up to 3 meters. I have windsurfed quite a lot with a diversity of boards, including a kode 113 lt and a futura 122 lt. I understand that you can't have it all with one board but I'm looking for a fast board that could take some jumps. I am very interested in the Kode and the Futura, with volume about 90-120 lt. What would you suggest? Also, should I buy a sail with or without cambers? Would a 6.5-7.5 sail with a 42 cm fin work fine for me?

Thank you.

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