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Great question !!!

I nearly always now go back foot first; I know its against "current" thinking (fashion??) but after experimenting I found I can get board planing quicker this way.I also think its more secure as mentioned earlier. (back foot can hel[p stop catapult) On a recent holiday with a bit of coaching thrown an instructor tried to get me to revert back but after watching video replays of both (filmed from mast) he accepted it was probably quicker onto plane for me back foot first.Suspect sailor weight plays a big part; watching lighter sailors on similar size boards I could see that front foot first had less effect on board than when I do it. (I`m 105 k)

Really think we should get away from this right and wrong attitude.. Instructor was also trying to get me to use longer narrower spaced harness lines... I found longer lines far more tiring on arms; less stable and more likely to catch back into hook during gybing.. He insisted narrower spaced lines give more feel to the hands; I suggested this was the case but gave less feedback to the harness ??? (Was quite funny ;as he was having a go I was flicking through an old boards mag... Dunkerbeck had well spaced shortish lines ...

Each to his own... No right or wrong... What works for you works...
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