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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

I thought so.

Some hard-core people do it and live with the inserts degrading and even needing replacement; most people mount 'em and leave 'em, and on a given day live with a sub-optimal setup.

I confess that I don't move my straps, but not because it doesn't occur to me or because I don't have the time or don't know what I'd like, but ONLY because it's such a pain in the arse. The whole idea of one-only boards is a joke, because to be a true one-only board you HAVE TO change the straps. Just like you move the mast base, boom height, harness lines, and outhaul.

Last fall I took out my smallest board (OK, it's a Naish), and I don't know what possessed me because I moved my straps forward (they were all the way back). This has always been a phenomenal jumper, with most people wondering how to get so high and I mainly use it for jumping, but on this day I came up to the first lip and popped it instantaneous reaction was, 'Oh my G*d, I didn't know this board could jump like this!!' Lesson - you gotta experiment with the footstraps.

OK, *B, you know most of us are mightily impressed by your World Championship performance, but what we really care about is our own performance. Clearly, the industry needs some progress in foot strap ease of use, and the company that figures it out will have a competitive advantage. Hint - crossover boards would be the place to start.
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