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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

Well Ian, I knew that many would support the concept of changing footstraps, as I have been in similar threads like this before. It's kind of like politics, where folks' opinions align with their idea of what's right or appropriate. A lot of different factors affect feelings and opinions, and I guess that's to be expected. Also, I'm sure that unforeseen changes can sometimes offer interesting outcomes, as you so aptly noted. Even though I hold to my earlier positions as identified above, it's good to hear others voice their thoughts and concerns. The one thing that appears more universal is that many folks wish that the footstrap change process was either quicker and/or more durable overall.

Surprisingly, not as much support for two position attachment per footstrap side. A very important issue in my mind, but I appear to be taking an unusual stance here. Today, a friend got out of the water, and I noted that footstraps on his S-Type 115 where skewed in tweaked ways that would have drove me nuts. I made no mention of the issue, but it's interesting that many folks are so accepting in nature. You know, a bit more mellow overall.

In any case, a good discussion point. I'm glad that Geoff started things off.
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