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Default wich high wind board ?

hello i am french and live in sangatte in the north of france
i am 74 kg and 1.83 m and have 3 boards
a freestyle board of 90 liter for flatwater and light wind
a quad iq 74 liter for medium wind
a real quatro custom of 74 liter but 53 cm large and 224 cm long for strong wind and waves
my quatro custom is broken and i want to buy a new board starboard for strong wind

in north see conditions in sangatte we often have strong current and waves only if the wind is strong .
sometimes chop beetween the waves
wind from side of to side on
i like freestyle then when i can i try it beetwwen te waves
i like surfing and carving i like boards with precisions and stability in strong wind
i often use 3.7 and 4.0 in strong winds
then i have hesitations beetween the kode 68 the quad 69 and the evo 71
wich board is the best for north see conditions ?
wich board is the best carving the earlier planing ? and wich one can be used with a 5 m sail ????
i thank you for your answer
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