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Think its a bit simplistic to say back or front first without knowing where you are coming from (and what you are sailing) Any sailor going from slogging to straps doesnt do it in one simple step;its more of a process.There are instances when its simple but generally there is a couple of small steps towards the straps. In most cases I step towards back with rear foot placing it somewhere in front of rear strap;then place front foot in ;then if well powered put rear one in; so thats sort of front foot first??? But if I know I`m going to be well powered and front foot isnt too far forward I`ll put rear in first and then front soon after ???

If I`m over powered or its very rough I like to get back foot in first but I know I`m rear foot biased . Most instructors will tell you front foot first but I also think there are situations/sailor types where rear first is advantageous.. but there are few (if any?) situations where I would sail with front foot out and rear in but there are lots where I remove rear and place it mid board so it probably (???) makes sense to put front in first ? (You are already in a natural sailing position?) You arent with rear in front out ? But you are more likely to catapult with front in rear out ????

There are arguments for both ... Despite what it says in coaching manuals !!!

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