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Hi Floyd,
I'd had three of these now and currenlty have the 2011 113. All felt exactly the same to me even though the last had some minor changes. Weigh I'm 89 but was 92 at worst. I never go bigger than 7.4 with a 40 cm MFC Liquid move in it. I get this going in a true 12-13 ktns ( wind meter measured ). We have small swell to help get it away, it wouldn't go that well in dead flat water. As for a bigger sail I haven't tried but to me the 7.4 does feel very comfortable. ( NP Excess ). It could easily be bigger. The only thing that may change and be not so good is using cams. The board as you would have noticed is surprisingly manoverable and is twitchy when fully up and running. You won't be disappointed using 7.4 that is for sure. I would say up another 0.5m would still be good, but like every board they have a sweet spot. The 7.4 for the volume under your feet is the money size. I have used 6.4 and 6.1 but always change boards soon after to 100 ltr as the is much better with a 6m sail
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