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Originally Posted by UnregisteredFloyd View Post
What effect does sailor weight have on a board`s sail range ???

The Kode 113 gives a sail range of 5.2 to 8.5... I`ve sailed it (and thinking of buying one) but cant see how I could use it with an 8.5. ??? But my weight is 103 kg ???

I've a 105 kg pal who has a Kode 112 & an 8.5 m2 sail. However, he never uses his 8.5 sail on that board because the board felt way too small with such a large sail for his weight. He uses 5.6-7.0 m2 sail range on his Kode 112 (stock 38 cm fin). The Kode 112 is a full sinker for his weight: forget about uphauling the sail in a lull. Wind range is about 25-35+ knots for him.

He uses a Carve 162 (+80 cm wide) with a 7.5/8.5/9.0 m2 sail (stock 52 cm fin; wind range 15-25+ knots), and an Ultrasonic 147 with a 9.0 m2 (stock 58 cm fin) or 11 m2 sail (race 62 cm fin); wind range 10-20+ knots.

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