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What I've heard about recommended sail range is that heavyweights can cope with min sizes in strong winds but will struggle with max sizes in low winds. The reverse for lightweights. It is not clear whether the sail range covers both heavy & light sailors or shall be offset by let's say 0.5 mē. Anyway I find this one quite optimistic: 5.2 to 8.5 means a massive wind range for any single board.
You are correct. The recommended sail range listed here is for a medium/75 kg weight rider and I agree this wind range will fit the bill for a light weight rider without any problems. Althought I never tried the Kode 113, I used to have a 2001 Carve 111 (63 cm max width; 40 cm width OFO). Min sail was a 5.4 m2 + 25 cm fin (wind range 20-25 knots) whereas max sail was an 8.2 m2 + 40 cm fin (wind range : 11-15 knots), althought the recommended sail range was 4.8-7.2 m2. The board felt way too large with a 4.7 m2 sail in 25-30 knots for my 65 kg weight.

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