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Hi JSC, my mate and I have been sailing the 86/87 for a few years and reakon that this is a classic board and definately one to keep in your quiver. We also had 101 and sold those and bought 121. These boards were great but last year we sold our 121 and bought the 2011 107. This is an awesome board and really fast. If you are just after a 2 board quiver then go 86 and 107. You would then have to ditch your 9.0 CR. Like Remi said if you go to a 3 board quiver you could go 86,107 and 117W. If I was getting a 3 board quiver I would go 86, 107 and 127. We also have Reflex sails and find the 7.8 is as big as you need for the 107 to get the sweet spot size sail for the board. Hope this helps.
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