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Default Hurricane Irene & WIND-NC

I am only an occasional customer from Canada but am stealing the WIND-NC flag and waving it proud for a moment. I want to draw attention to Hurricane Ireneís aftermath, and itís effects it must be having on the shop that makes everyone's favorite east coast windsurfing destination ĎíCape Hatteras North Carolinaíí so special.

I intend to talk with Andy McKinney at WIND-NC today for the first time since summer. I can only imagine how having his shop severed from all walk in traffic is effecting sales, especially going into the freeze up season. At a time when we all are struggling with a bad economy itís easy to imagine the effect a natural disaster would have on a business when it cuts you off from everyone. Checkout for aftermath details.

Andy at WIND-NC
252 995 4400

I want to encourage all who are contemplating a windsurfing purchase to make it at WIND-NC. Big purchase or small, rash guard - sail / board, get on the phone/web and support one of windsurfing's greatest assets. From Windsurfing Magazine board tests, countless free clinics, event organization, web blogs, to daily care for his customers Andy and the WIND-NC staff have contributed to the sport in ways we canít afford to lose. If you donít need anything now, by a gift certificate.

I know Andy and WIND-NC will have their chinís up and be weathering this Hurricane with the ease shown during Hurricaneís past. Letís take this opportunity to show him some appreciation for all the stoke he has shown us over the years ! Go team !

Greg Lawrence.
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