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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

Hi Geoff.

Yes, you correctly interpreted my point about footstrap attachment. I'm quite adamant about having the straps fixed in place so that any twisting can't take place. All my boards are configured this way. Also, I would like to emphasize that this attachment strategy really doesn't increase the board weight as long as the number of footstrap locations are kept to a reasonable minimum. By the way, this doesn't preclude having inboard and outboard options in the mix, as one of my boards is configured this way (between the two choices, I preferred the outboard one).

However, in fairness to other thought about this, in a similar thread a year or two back there was actually a person or two that actually liked the way single sided attachment allowed for the strap to twist position. It was stressed that the twisted positioning permitted better foot control over the board. Overall, I believe that this kind of preference is in the minority, especially in light of the many anti-twist components that have been developed and employed over the years.

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