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Default Crack Isonic 127 at first day!

Could You please explain this? Just one day on the board and only one catapulting and nothing more.

1) After my first day at the carbon 127 I first noticed that colour in the middle of the bottom was gone. You could see a black surface about 30 x 1,5 cm.

2) A 15 cm crack under the board going up to the front and auround it. On the top of the board the crack was also seen but it looked different - about like one had press a pencil hard in a line 20-30 cm from the front and backwards. You could also see a small surface (about 2x2 cm) looked like somting hade made a push on top of the board just near the front by the crack.

I really enyojed sailing the board and had over 15 knots 1 hour (GT31) in about 7 m/s with 7.5 (13.8-20.5 knots). But now i wonder - have I bought an egg-shell?

Sorry about this - but is the board that easy to damage? What to do? Will it break into two peaces?

Mr Pelegrin
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