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Default Do I need a board with a daggerboard?


I need advice. I am going to buy equipment for windsurfing. I tried windsurfing for one summer 11 years ago, on a large BIC-board with a daggerboard. I managed to uphaul, plane, and do some clumsy, slow tacks/gybes. I did not try a harness, and I did not manage to use the foot straps.

Now, 11 years later, I have descided to buy my own equipment, and try to learn this for real. A local dealer has offered the Rio and Carve171. He says that the Carve 171 is the best for me. If I buy the Rio, I might want to switch this to another board very quickly, but with the Carve 171, I might have what I need for a long time.

However, the Carve 171 is big, and another guy told me that this board is for fat people.. His advice is to go for the Rio, and get a smaller board as the next one.

So, a Carve 171 or Rio, both with 6,7kvm sail/severne synergy) Or should I look at other boards, this might not be an option since the dealers does not stock many boards here in Norway.

Another q: Is the Mystic Cure 5/3 a good wetsuit for water 10 degrees?

My weight is 80kg, and I'm 183cm tall. The conditions are 5m/s-12m/s, with a bit choppy waves.

Thanks in advance
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