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Default The right board for beginner to intermediate

Hey there,

I'm new to the sport of windsurfing although a veteran world traveled surfer.
I recently gave windsurfing a go while on vacation in Turks and Caicos.
I had a blast and am now hooked! I've been back twice to Turks and Caicos and windsurfed for a week each time. I was using short very wide intro boards there.

I'm back in Maryland and I'm interested in getting my own board. I weigh 165 lbs or 75 kilograms. I found a rental location here that had Hifly - Motion boards that were 219L. I used them a couple of times with no problem. They also have F2 185L and 165L boards. I haven't used the F2 boards yet.

Most of the sailing here in Maryland would be on the Chesapeake Bay or a branch of it. Typically brackish water with winds on average from 5 to 10 knots. Occasionally summer days pushing up to 13knots. I've been out in up to 16 knots winds and was comfortable and able to get back to my starting point (using a 6m sail).

On light wind days, I sometimes still find it a bit challenging to return upwind.

I've been eyeballing the Starboard line of boards. I like them. My question is, which one would be best suited for me, if I am an aggressive learner and want something I can use beyond beginner stage windsurfing. In my mind the big decision is between a 175L and a 151L. Is the 151 going to be too small and advanced? Should I be looking at a Rio, Go or something else?

As an alternative, the owner of the rental place here in Maryland sells his F2 boards at the end of the season at great discounts. Should the choice still be in the 175L or 151L range? The smallest he has with a daggerboard is 185. Do I need that?

Thanks for any opinions! Looking forward to shredding!!

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