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Originally Posted by Sailboarder View Post
From the website, it was done in order to keep costs in check.

Special note on 2012 Futura construction: Especially for the 2012 Futura models, Starboard's Carbon, Wood and Technora technologies have been merged into two technology options : Carbon and Wood. The Carbon Futura is the lightest and stiffest option. The new Wood Futura constuction is a hybrid between last year's Wood and Technora, to offer a blend of high rigidity, high comfort and importantly even more value.
yes, most people have probably seen that, but I think the big question, that there has been no response from the starboard team,is why the new wood version is heavier than last previous tecnora versions.
Pretty simple question in my book. Would be good to read an answer, no matter what it is.
The team seem to be able to answer most other questions posted. Why not this one????
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