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Hello Roger,

Thanks for your reply and your suggestions. I have actually called a few members of BABA here in Maryland, in an effort to connect with windsurfers and possible instructors to shorten my learning curve. I drove to Mayo Beach Park last weekend for a Championship Event (that had been cancelled for some reason).

You may have missed my weight posted initially Roger, I weigh 165 lbs or 75 kilograms.I've been told I could go up to 185L (suggested based on my weight), but I really feel a smaller board could perform a little better as I progress in my skill level.

I realize there is no substitute for experience and actual time in the water testing equipment, but I do value your opinion and believe it will help me in forming a frame of reference to use as a guide.

So, based on my weight, and the Upper Chesapeake Sailing environment, how would you lean as far as maybe the Rio M or other Rios?

Thanks again for your time Roger, and your willingness to help others get going in the right direction.

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