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Looks like early versions were much lighter. 2008 FU-111 Wood: 6.85kg & Technora: 7.15kg.
It can't be just a few more technora patches, which were already in the Wood version anyway.
Moreover 2011 technology page says that Technora has full wood bottom and deck.

"Freeride TechnoraTM replaces the PVC sandwich core with natural Australian plantation pine wood. The pine wood sheet is 0.6mm thick and covers the entire deck and bottom of the board. Sandwiched between biaxial layers of glass fibre, the wood/glass skin forms a stiff and impact-resistant outer shell. The result: a high performance board that is light, stiff and crisp to ride, and assembled through a more environmentally friendly construction process."

Isn't Wood 2012 exactly the same construction as Technora 2011? Weights are pretty similar.
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