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Default Slalom board 117 or 117W or anything else?

Hi everybody!
i am 45, 178cm, 78kg. (level - medium. water start and non-planing jibe no problem)

i have formula sb hwr 2011 (with 11m sail), sb futura 133L (with 7.8, 9.0m sails) 2009, tabu rocket 95L (with 5, 6.2m sail) 2010.
i am going to sell futura with sails and get slalom board.

Question 1. what would be your recommendation, which board to take between formula 100cm wide and tabu 58cm wide for sail 8.6 considering that i have to have a chance to uphaul sail when there is no wind?

Question 2. I am thinking about 117 or 117w for sail 8.6. Which one is better for me and why.? what is the difference between this boards?
what are advantages and disadvantages 117 and 117w?

Question 3. how big is the difference between 117 (w) 2012 and 121 2010?

Question 4. i am planing to get race sail Neil Pryde 8.6 RS-SLALOM or RS-RACING
Which one would be better for slalom board 117(w) and why?
i do not race, but when i am with my friends on the water i want to be fastest.

Thank You in advance.

ps sorry my french
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