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On demo event weekends, we have always released the outhaul first, then the downhaul, and removed the booms so we can stack 6-12 sails in a huge formula quiver bag.
We rinse the sails first to get as much sand as possilbe off each sail then release the outhaul and most of the downhaul.
The big white nylon bag has stake loops on all the corners, so the sails are secure from changes in windspeed
and direction.
We also usually put a few large wide boards on the top to hold everything down.
Sails seem to last extremely well and are sold for good prices at the end of the season.
So, if you release all of the outhaul tension, and most of the downhaul tension (make sure the camber
inducers come off the mast and open the can zippers if you sails have them) ande it's probably OK for a weekend.

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