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I also have an issue with screws on my 320 2011 which I did not have on my 320 2010. On the 2010, I had no issues of foot straps turning; on the 2011, all foot straps are turning freely, probably an issue with screws lenght. As my 320 2010 is going back to Cobra for water absorption issues, I will swap screws from the 2010 to the 2011, I have to lose 2 hours doing that. I just hope I did not already damage the 2011 by uselessly trying to tighten screws.

Also I had an issue with the mast track on the 2011, the up/down return tension was too strong and made the rail go out of the pedal mechanism. I will also have to swap the mast track between my 2010 and my 2011.

Frankly, I love this board, but really, I'm fed up with these problems. Two boards back to cobra for water absorption, one defective mast track, foot straps screws of wrong lenght, and I a not talking about delivery delays. I bought 8 Starboard these last two years, but now, any other problem and I will not buy another one.

Wake up and please give us quality for our money. Thank you.
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