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Default How to fix my sad Serenity?

I have a wood Serenity which is not looking as lovely as it did a few weeks ago. First accident happened when the fin hit an underwater object and the board stopped, but I didn't. Result: hole on front deck from boom head. Another today when I got caught by a gust and a wave going out from the beach; another hole.
Although I hate spoiling the smooth looks of the board, realistically this is going to happen again; even if I don't screw up (unlikely), there is often junk floating under the surface waiting to catch a long fin.
So... I am going to cut a Formual deck protector down to size and stick it on the Serenity. Question is, what is the best way to do this? Epoxy seems rather "final", would using silicone give enough grip?
Any tips gratefully received. Thanks
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