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Default RE: Advice needed on sails sizes and new board

I won't give you too much advice on sails cuz i, not beeing acoustumed to the ocndition you sail in (i recon you work with waves, however it would seem odd that you then still use a start).
For your sail sizes it depends on your weight. What i suggest, for someone with not too much money is: look at the size of the mast and boom you're using, and then start looking on websites of sailbrands and see which sails you can buy without having to buy entirely new stuff. Then you go on second hand sites and see what they've got there.
For boards, you want something roughly 120 L. If you're looking in the starboard range i can only suggest 2 boards: carve 122 and the Go 139 (or the new 2007 129 version). Myself, i surf with a Go 139 which is a wonderfull board but it's deep tuttle finbox sometimes gives you a bit of trouble when purchasing other fins than it's factory one (drake 480). But it's sailrange is enormous (check website) and it's stabilety is great. Fast jibing, perfect tacking, and with once you get the right windspeeds (i meann u go on the water with 4 BFT, if i could get those ocnditions all the time you'd never see me, i'd be on the water with my go and a 8 m?? sail). However, the go is a freeride/race board and only shows it's true potential on flatwater, with very light wave condtitions. If you're looking for something more crossover i suggst you go looking for a carve 122 (though these are commonly seen as freerace machines aswell as the Go).
I don't know how much this helps but i hope it's of any value.
Surf em m8

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