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Hi Ken, are you talking about a 75 liters or 75cm wide board? Wow... I've been learning on short boards but not that extreme, some 120L;-) and it took me one/two years to get used to the harness. IMHO it's better to start with a waist harness combined with stiff lines. Tie them firmly to make them protrude at ~45 from your boom so that you need only small movements to hook or unhook. One issue at the beginning is loosing the lines constantly. Don't hesitate to "seat" a little bit even with a waist harness. It is not the most gracious stance but will keep the lines under tension, or the hook out of the way. Length shall not be short for sure, but not too long either for the same reason. There is no universal trim. You have to make trials until you feel safe and comfortable.
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