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Hi Roger,

I had a look on my fins and the board (I keep my old small one which with I mainly practiced)

About the fins : nothing to declare, in very good status

About the old board, thiere are huge differences :
F2 maxxis : 261 long, 55 wide, 85 l volume
instead of KODE : 237, 65, 103

About the strap, two possibilities on the F2, 3 or 4 straps : I always used 3 straps which are a little advanced (2 or 3 cms) compared to the actual position on the Kode (4 straps, advanced position)

So if I need to sail the Kode differently, what do you suggest to facilitate my practice due to my "body" (1.75 m and 68 kg) ? as it is a non competition practice and as I want to find first the facility and pleasure before performance.
I will use also the Kode from 3/4 Bf to ... as I could in the high wind (1 board for all) without changing all the time the straps position.

3 or 4 straps and front or back position of it ?

Thanks for your opinion !
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