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Default How to win my slalon friends

out of slalom races there isna lot of slalom on the beach between friends , my thinking is that perhaps whaat is good for races is not necesary the best while whith friends ; normaly between us we tend to wait one for another and then try to beat the other crosswind , upwind or downwind, on races they tend to have the biggest boards and sails they can hold to go maximun even in lulls but when we have lulls whith friend the run simply dont count so will be better to have smaller board like a isonic 101 when he is on 107 simply because this smaller board will be quiker when the wind is ok? So if we both are on 6,7 mtrs sail wil the 101 be quiker than the 107 for simillar skilled friends? Thanks for help and hope my friend dont read this! regards juan1
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