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remi what about thiis escenario
:1. my friend is in 6,7 mtrs isonic 101 perfect powered up so i take my 90 same sail cause i will be also well powered , and so my 90 will be faster ?
2. hes on 101 and 6,7 wellpowered and i take 107 same sail he will be faster?
3. hes on 101 and 6,7 i take 107 and 7,8 both wll powered me a little overpowered but still in control , who will be faster?

we most often use 6,7 mtrs so which is the better size board for this ? i weight 85 and hes 80 kg
he has a 101 and me 90 and 107 , i buy both to cover better gap but looks like im struggling on this
many times when wind is less than perfect i pass him but whe we both are powered im whith him but not easy task ,
he has 38 cm sl2 deboichet for his combo and i have 39 select sl9
thanks again regards juan
or your advise will be simply sell 2 boards and buy new 97??
thanks juan
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