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like many people here I have lot of questions about how do the 2 boards work.I'm enough confident that both are 2 great products.As you've said they're both racing machine but they perform best in 2 different wind range.OK.
Please,for a normal formula sailor (ex. 80 kg,180 cm,11,0 mq sail) what is the dead line for the Apollo vs 161?
I mean,I know that Antoine is able to race and win easy in 25 kns on Apollo but many of us could have some difficult....
How much harder is play the Apollo game when pretty windy?
Till now every short Starboard formula has had the easyness in every situation as prerogative (expecially when hard).Does the Apollo continues this tradition?
Do you expect to see more Apollo or 161 in the race courses?
What is the Apollo feeling when sailing?I mean,158,159,160 were similar (not the same!).
I remain much curious about 161 too.What are now its best points?
Thank you
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