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Default RE: Failed non-skid Formula 159

Hi Jack,
If you want to do the repair of the non-skid yourself, Russell has it pretty much right.
I've asked Eva Holliman from the
site to post something adressing your questions.
If she does not give us an answer, I'm sure she will respond back to me with a list of materials you need.
Mostly, as Russell suggests, you need some "non slip powder" (specially ground "acrylic dust" or "Deck Dust" made up specifically for non-skidding fiberglass or composite surfaces) and some sort of a binder or resin to stick the dust to the wood surface of your board.
You will need to carefully sand off any of the remaining original non-skid, then let your board "bleach a bit in the sun.
When it's been restored to it's "original golden patina" by the sun, you are ready to apply a thin layer of "binder" (clear linear polyurethane or some other thinned resin) and then use a regular kitchen sifter to lightly spread a layer of the acrylic dust the binder before it drys.
Since you are in Florida, you may be able to take your board to someone like Randy Nordlund (Fort Myers area) and have the non-skid redone professionally.
Productsw like "ReDeck" work OK, but they seem to add alot of weight
and may not stick as well as a properly prepared surface with clear LP and acrylic dust.
Hope this helps,
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