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Hi Kid

I have the kode 102 wood carbon and I love it. It is the most polivalent board I can think about. Good for freeride, bump and jump, waves in light wind days and freestyle.

At the beginning I also had few spin outs. Do not panic! I think is time to study what you might be doing wrong. Here some ideas... Your Kode is kind of freestyle wave board so the way to ride is in a more upright position on the board rather than leaning on the side. Also do not put much presure on the back foot. Longer harness lines. Going upwind, try to put your weight slightly forward. With jumps bend you back leg so you do not land them on the fin. When overpowerd, try more downhall tension rather than outhall, you do not want the sail to be flat and squared in the centre of the boom. Well good luck!
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