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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day

RE : footstraps change's poll.

1) No footstraps change : HS105 (all back & outboard*) and Acid 62 (front strap: front & inboard; back strap : back & inboard).
2) Footstraps change : Carve 111 and Kombat 86 : all front & inboard for waveriding; all back & outboard for B&J and blasting. I do change the footstraps during the day if it gets windy with waves or if the wind dies and water gets flatter and if I can't use either HS105 or Acid 62 (it's faster to switch board than to swap footstraps of course).

On the subject of using a screwdriver to change footstraps, a Philips/posidrive screw head is clearly inferior to both a Torx or an Allen screw head when force is needed to really tighten the footstraps on the deck. Simply said : I never ever stripped a Torx or Allen screw head. These kind of screw heads could be much more usefull on crossover boards such as S-Type, Carve or Kombat for those who truly enjoy crossing over discipline depending on the conditions, but as well as with beginner and intermediate boards such as Start, Rio, Starsurfer & co where changing footstraps can become a necessity to accomodate various members (kids, wife, husband, friends) of various skills at the beach.

Fanatic did have a quick lock foostraps system in the 90s : just turn a foldable butterfly bolt head by 1/2 turn to tighten the footstraps. The T shaped bolt's end enters into a groove inside the footstraps insert to tighten. The biggest problem was that dirt, salt crystals and sand that could sneak into the insert's groove, thus making the bolts tightened once and for all. Forcing on the bolt's head usually destroyed either the foldable butterfly, stripped the grooves or broke the T shaped bolt's ends. Quick lock indeed but sometimes for an eternity...

Double screws, i.e., 12 or 16 ? No thanks, 6 or 8 are enough to unscrew and rescrew each time for my taste.

Cheers !


*HS105 : with race straps, I need to unscrew 4 screws to adjust between barefoot or booties (only in winter) snuginess.
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