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Roger (and Chrystal)

I have just got back from Fuerteventura where I signed up for a course. In fact I went to Fuerte rather than anywhere else because of its reputation as a windsurfing centre par excellence.

I have to confess I was a bit disappointed with the degree of supervision (pretty near zero to begin with) and the venue (an extremely rocky tidal pool) but maybe they aren't equipped for the older beginner.

I thought I was pretty fit but I have to admit that I'm heavy (160 pounds - more when wet!) and I found it really hard to push the sail forward to initiate a downwind turn without submerging the front of the board.

At one point the instructor, seeing my difficulty, stepped the mast forward, but that had no effect on not submerging the front end.

I was pretty sore at the end of day 2 (day 1 had been theory) so I didn't manage day 3.

I felt that I needed a bigger, more stable board and a longer length in front to add buoyancy to that end.

Now I appreciate I'm a complete beginner who knows less than nothing but I AM enthusiastic and I'm pretty determined so I'm not giving up.

I have good balance; I cycle and I ski. I ride horses. I scuba. I really want to get into this because when I got the board moving I really enjoyed. I'm not posting to complain; rather to seek suggestions as to where I go from here.
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