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Default RE: Changing footstrap settings for the day


On the subject of using a screwdriver to change footstraps, a Philips/posidrive screw head is clearly inferior to both a Torx or an Allen screw head when force is needed to really tighten the footstraps on the deck. Simply said : I never ever stripped a Torx or Allen screw head.
Quite true now that you mention it.

The biggest problem was that dirt, salt crystals and sand that could sneak into the insert's groove, thus making the bolts tightened once and for all. Forcing on the bolt's head usually destroyed either the foldable butterfly, stripped the grooves or broke the T shaped bolt's ends. Quick lock indeed but sometimes for an eternity...
The previously mentionned Geko was my first short board and being 23 at the time, I wasn't careful at all with my equipment (now experience & family-budget considerations have made me change !) and it never happened with me (the depressions getting dirty with a blocking result). But it's true that the small plastic device ("foldable butterfly") felt a little too light construction-wise.
Yet we had the instant tool-free capacity to adjust our gear to the conditions of the day. I wonder if it's no longer made because of the technology of the boards (thermoformed vs full sandwich) ?
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