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Originally Posted by Ken View Post
I have read that kites are better in light winds, but even in steady winds, they have no advantage over a formula boards in equal 8 knot winds, and if the wind dies, they are toast, while formula slogs or pumps to shore.
I think this is one of those phantasies that originated somehow around kiting. Sure, if the biggest sail is a 5.2 and windsurfers all seat on the beach when it blows 15 because "there is not enough wind", then a 12 m2 kite would look like a better light wind toy. Otherwise, as you mention, the physics are very simple: Kites do not float, and windsurfers (Formula, Raceboards, Longboards with dagger boards, Serenity, large slalom) can cover the 2-15 knots range way better. SUP of course go down to zero.

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