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Hi GtB

I'm no team member but I weigh the same as you and up to now I have had 2 iSonics 101 and now have an iSonic 97 2011. I use this board as my big board and use it with a 7.0 and 6.2 with 36cm and 34 cm fins respectively and only use it up to 20 knots there after I use my Futura 93. Anyway the 97 is def the one to go for. The 107 will be too big for you especially for the higher end of your specified range.

As for the advantage is the carbon version is lighter, stiffer and definetley more responsive but be warned it is a lot stiffer than the wood with a noticable difference. For what it's worth I my suggestion to you is, in order for you not to get bounced around a lot especially in chop I suggest you set the back footstraps in the most forward position for max control otherwise it can get very tricky. The board changes character the further back you set your BACK footstraps so be warned.


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