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Default Wave board versus Slalom board

I was yesterday afternoon out in 25-35 knots with huge, nasty chop.
The autumn winds are finally coming in strong with us.

I started off with my IS87 and my North Warp 5.0 sail.
Struggeled for more than an hour.
Just couldn't get my gear under control, mainly because of the chop.

Because it was already getting late (darkness within 2 hours), I decided to do a little experiment.
I took my old school 85L Naish wave board out of the trailer and put the Warp 5.0 on it.
Yes, that's right, a full blown race sail on a pure wave board.
And guess what, I had a great remaining evening session with lots of control over my gear.


1. There's "night and day" difference between a wave board and a slalom board of approximately the same volume. The main reason for it, I guess, is probably the thinner and narrower tail of the wave board in combination with a 25 wave fin in stead of a 28 slalom fin.

2. Race sails can also work on wave boards.
IS87 / IS101 / RRD114 / US147
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