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There was a heated debate on the forum on this issue and I wanted to gather additional input from a broader base, so that's why I posted the question here. However, the BFF postion basically came from one hard line guy that sails in the Gorge.

In a nut shell, what one does depends on skill/experience, equipment, type of sailing and conditions. There is no one absolutely correct answer.

My own experience is that 100% of the time, I put my FFF. I never get pulled or tossed over the front when doing this. I find that I plane up faster (keep the board flatter), feel more secure, plus I can keep the board planing longer in a hole with only the FF in the straps (when falling off plane, I pull the back foot and center it on the board). When I pump to get on plane, I do it before getting into the straps, once planing, I go for the front stap. However, I do pump with the front foot in the strap occasionally if trying to get through a hole without falling off plane.

If you are happy with the BFF, go for it if it works for you.
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