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No question, going for a wave or bump & jump board (in my case) will smooth out the chop. I too made this same transition last week when it was building from 15+ knots to 20+ knots. My 6.6 race sail on my iS 111 was fine until the chop was killing my legs and back. I pulled out my HiFly bump and jump board (same volume and width as the iS) and sailing was much smoother. The narrower tail, the V bottom and greater rocker all made things easier on the body, plus it added control.

This was my first time with the 6.6 race sail on the HiFly since I always started with my 6.0 no cam sail with this board. I got lazy and rather than rig a smaller sail for the board, I tried the race sail and it worked fine. Not great at gybing, but nevertheless a good option to keep me on the water longer. I should also add that I was able to attain a higher top speed with the HiFly. More wind so more power, but also rougher water.
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