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Let me say first of all that I got my weight wrong. I wish I was 160 pounds and if there were 10 pounds to a stone I would be! In fact I'm 16 stones which is 224 pounds. Good job I'm a lawyer not an accountant!

I've no idea what board I was put on but if it helps it was made of a "squidgy" material. It was very stable in fact and I could manage to turn it around without any problem.

No one ever suggested I should move my front foot backwards on the board to behind the mast area, so that would explain the front's tendency to dip I guess.

What do you mean by sail angle? I was told specifically to move the whole rig forward - obviously the mast remains on the deck - in order to initiate a turn away from the wind, and that must necessarily involve tipping the whole lot forward. The sail at that point is depowered and I had hold of the mast or the uphaul with my front hand and my back hand doing nothing whatever except get ready to get hold of the boom ready to sheet in, but once I did that I turned into the wind again.

What is the T position alignment?

I'm afraid none of that was explained.
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