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Default RE: thanks crazychemical and hugh

hi crazychemical and hugh

thanks for all your advice - we have been thinking about the Go 139, but did not want to buy untested. We had a sail on a go 129 on the weekend. my partner had no trouble sailing it despite a lack of decent wind. while he was able to uphaul it when he had to, he felt a little more volume would assist - so i am thinking that the Go 139 may be the better option.

The 129 did feel a little slow to me (in sub-planning conditions) even with a 6.5m - so your feedback in relation to the 139 has made me feel more positive about its potential speed when in planning conditions.

I think now we need to make up our minds between Go and Carve. is the carve 133 or 144 likely to be a better option?

thanks mich
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