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Originally Posted by BelSkorpio View Post
I could not resist and post this link.

Amazing how this compatriot is using his IS80/2011 in "heavy conditions".
That's rough!!!! but it also brings home how speed is very limited in those conditions.

I am not at all indicative of what it can be done by pushing things to the limit (i.e. I am VERY far from pro level) but I might be indicative of an experienced sailor and I noticed that my max/average speed is strictly dependent on water conditions. Typically in 6.6-7.3 conditions I hit above 30 knots but below 34-35. Twice I was lucky enough to be on my 5.5 Hot Sails GPS in 20-25 knots in very flat conditions and I hit my max speed ever (37-38) I probably would have gone as fast with a 6.0 or 6.6, and a big guy with a bigger sail could have used bigger slalom and go as fast.

Add a bit of chop and messy water and I am below 30. My Acid 74 with a SuperFreak UL 4.7 (not a sail known for speed) hit 28+ a few times and I doubt I would have gone much faster with any other gear in those conditions.

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