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Wink kiting factors

Kiting is a great sport more people do it here then windsurf.
BUT theres one thing ive noticed ,
kiting is very limited, by
1. wind direction, offshore being the worst, can be done but can be an issue especially with a breakdown situation.
2 deep water ,again issue with breakdowns, A foot deep lake all the better!
3. small rigging areas are a problem as are trees and other obstacles like "people".
4 lack of wind, in light winds it just cannot be done.

The worse any of these 4 things become the more problematic it seems kiting can be . BUT , if the wind is adequate, the direction right, the water shallow and kite launching area wide , and there are no breakdowns,( which is rare) then kiting can be "the bomb"
But take a longboard windsurfer , say one of these new crossover jobs that you can standup on as well. And you are like me 90 kgs, and you have 2 sails and 8.6 and a 6.0.
All the issues above are non issues and become "so what?"s
1. The wind is offshore at the launch, and the best wind is around a point 200 yards away, it blowing like stink, so what?......., sail to it, when done use the daggerboard to get back.( some SUP crossovers can be railed to windward to a good extent sans daggerboard)
2. the wind is very light to nonexistant, so what? I can still sail (or SUP paddle if it really dead).
3.the rigging area is surronded by trees and is a small area, so what?.
4 the water is deep, and i have broken down so what? i can self rescue back.( and i can rescure the kiter LOL)

The fact is one can go to any body of water at any time in any wind direction and unless it only a foot deep slew, you can go windsurf ( or do SUP with this board) .

One exception to the above is they can kite in a foot deep water!! , but again they have to be able to launch.
One thing to note, most if not all other sailing craft , like Dingies or beach catamarans might not be able to launch either.
You do not need ten different boards, oh its nice, but not needed.
One floater "longboard" and two sails or even just one medium sized sail and anything other then nuclear winds can be sailed.

Jeff E of the GWN
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