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Default RE: Trading a Carve 122 on a ISonic 135

Yesterday I "gave it a try" ( Isonic 135 06). The wind was blowing so hard (20+) that was impossible to me maintain safe and dry with the chops reaching almost 1 meter high. The board (80 cm) took off various times, This not used to happen with the Carve 122. I think my great problems in highr wind is to water start. Yesterday the owner of the club showed how to do it in this conditions. Also I??m into a diete and loose some kilos (107-100). Gonna start with the GYM so I??ll be lighter hopefully. I think the carve into high winds is easyer to control, and it is more manouvarable too. I??m tires on traping my self into uncomfortable windsurfing. I??ll give it a try in the I sonic 135 in Better conditions..... Thanks Roger....
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