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Default Is the black Board causing this problem?

I seem to be getting some distortion on the bottom of my 2011 (black) fantom 380. I have sent pictures to my dealer and am waiting for a response.
Some interesting notes:
When purchased, the board bottom was NOT uniformly grey, but had areas showing a black cross hatch about 2cm apart on a bias of about 45degrees. This was not over the entire bottom but in about 5 areas about 10cm wide and 50cm long. At the time the finish felt smooth over these areas.
after about 2 months of use in Ontario Canada, I noticed that I could feel the black pattern and it appeared very slightly raised. In one particular spot, there was a small "blister" forming.
I then contacted the dealer who agreed to send my photos to Starboard.
Do other owners have this black crosshatching?
Is this common? Is this a significant problem? What causes this to happen?

Please advise.
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