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The fact thet Kite is easier to be carried is nowaday a big advantage; and so also the fact we windsurfers we need 5 sails instead of 2 or 3.
But when someone tells me "oh kitesurfing" I wanna try", I simply make him reflect on some things. A lot of these thing are being told here, something is very important and I've never tounght about since now, so thanks.
But the most important thing is imho to make people reflect that the most wonderful thing of windsurfing is that it has all the advantages of a surfing sport AND of a nautical sport, all in a simple and almost easy to carry quiver. I mean, kiting is ten times simpler to carry, but it is NOT a nautical sport, it's like snowboarding on the water, and you have all the problems that comes from not having a "small boat" under your foot. And the sea is the sea, it's not a joke, I well know it being born and still living in a water-town like Venice (IT); so I won't dare to go really INTO the sea, not as they do 100 mt off the beach, with a little piece of wood that cannot hold my weight.
So when someone tells me what a lot of stuff you carry for windsurfing, I simply make him think at what I should have to carry for the smallest sailing boat like a laser, and how much more time I'd have to spend to unload from car and prepare it.With 2 or three boards I can sail and even suf in the sea from 3 to 35 knots, not far from being on a smaill sailing boat and not far from the surfing sensations of a smallest surf or kite board. Yes when I derig my sail I could be tempted looking at the simple way the kiters the fold their wings and put in their small cars, but I simply remind me how was the work with my old venetian sailing boat... And in Denmark I dared to go out rigging UNDER the trees and sailing INSIDE a port in the middle of a group of sailing boats; impossible to do with kite.
Yes more phisical, I agree, after 2 days of waves and Bora (NE) I was KO; but I won't give up for sure until my doctor will order me.
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