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Default ultrasonic147 chops and vawe...

Hi, sorry for my english....
I want buy ultrasonic147 but.... in the town where I live, the sea over 15knots from N/NO/NE become slight!
ultrasonic 93,2 cm width... can be a problem in the vawe and the foam??
Is better the I SONIC 137 85 width?
Usually my home spot is not so windy! About 10/15 knot in summer! 18/25 winter!
I'm 80/83kg! I prefer slalom!
is not a question of ride style: I wont early planning but i prfer a table that i can use over 15 knot too!

I'm going to buy a board that since 15 /18 Knots is good.... but then in chops is uncontrollable?

Thank and hope you understand my bad english!
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