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Thank you, first of all I don't need double or triple bag, but the one for one board only.
As you can easly see in your link there is NO indication about the TRAVEL bag for my isonic127. The only indication is for the DAY bag.
I've already bought, following starboard direction, the L size of a TRAVEL bag and I LOST my money because it is not fitting my isonic127. Lucky I can use for my other 107, even if now I have 2 board bags for this board.

The TRAVEL bag size L is 75cm, so clearly not fitting the 85cm of the isonic127. The XL size TRAVEL bag is 85cm, exactely the size of the board..
Is this bag good for my board?

Please don't let me waste other money and problem with the dealer.
I'm just try to buy a starboard product,guys, please help your customer.

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