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Default Which quad for 20-40kts / 85Kg?

Hi everyone,

I have the possibilitie to change my waveboard. I use it in 20 to 40 (55 sometimes!) kts in b&j conditions and in 20-30 kts in side/sideon wave conditions. I tried the goya quad 84l and was happily suprised in b&j conditions. It's amazing how the control let you going faster, the upwind capabilities and the planning start very fast. However high winds possibilities were not as good: control is excellent but top speed is average, maybe low actually. In waves it's crazy: this board is excellent event in low wind with 5.7 sail:
I have the possibility to change my old single fin waveboard into a Goya or a starboard Quad IQ 77 (2011).
I'd like to know if the starboard quad will have the same amazing behavior in b&j condtions (south of France), a bit better highwinds control and top speed and the same turn posssibilities in waves. I'd also like to know if the buyancy and the planning are comparable.
Last but not least: wood or wood/carbon (both are available in the area)?

Best regards,

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